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Professional Richmond Minnesota Wedding Photography

You know and we know how important your Special Day or Event is and how important it is to capture the beauty and excitement of your special day. We offer creative artistic photography in Richmond MN and specialize in Richmond MN Wedding Photography.


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Wedding PhotographyWhy choose us for your Richmond MN Wedding Photography?

• Affordable pricing
• Professional grade equipment
• We always have backup Equipment
• We always provide a second Richmond MN photographer or assistant if desired
• Great attitude and we treat your day as if it were our own!
• Professional and experienced
• All touch up and preparation is included in the pRichmond
• We offer DVD, Slide shows, Over-sized Prints and much more upon completion of your event.

How To Choose a Richmond MN Wedding Photographer

Make sure

... the Richmond MN photographer you want is available. If they are not, don't delay on looking for another option, good photographers in Richmond MN can book up fast.

... they are in your pRichmond range. PRichmonds range from $700 to over $5000 for Richmond Minnesota Wedding Photography, so take the time to investigate whether or not you are getting what you want for the pRichmond.

... the Wedding Photographers in Richmond MN have a second shooter and a backup. A second shooter can capture some great photos and at different angles than the main photographer. Also it is important that a second person be there in case of illness or something keeping the head photographer from performing that day. It is very important that the Richmond MN photographer have backup equipment and plenty of storage for photos just in case they are needed.

... that you can meet or talk with the Richmond MN Photographer that will be at your event. You want to know who you will be working with so you know that you will get along and will do the best job for you at your event.

... the Richmond MN Photographer has a good attitude and will be easy to work with. Everyone has a little different attitude, so make sure they are the type of person you want to work with... they will be with you almost all day!

... they are professional and experienced.

... you like their previous work. Many Wedding Photographers in Richmond MN have different styles, so be sure they will take pictures the way you like them.

... you get the photos and all the prints you want after the event and photo shoot. Do they create an album or DVD upon completion of the event? Does the pRichmond include all touch up and photo correction after the event?

Questions to ask when talking to Photographers in Richmond MN:

Are you available for my event date?

We want photos before the ceremony and at the reception, is that something that you do? If they won't do what you want, move on.

We are having our ceremony at _____ and our reception at _____ are you willing to travel and are these locations ok?

We are looking for a particular style, do you offer this style?

Do you have a second shooter and backup?

What are your pRichmonds and options?


Richmond Minnesota Wedding Photography & Richmond MN Wedding Photographers

When looking for Photography in Richmond MN, a Richmond MN Wedding Photographer or Wedding Photographers in Richmond MN, it is very important to make sure you have someone or a group that is willing to work with you and will allow you to be in charge of what you want and is customer service oriented. That's what we focus on and the result will be great pictures and a great working relationship.



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